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This build of Pure 7 is for internal testing purposes only.

After months of hard work, preparation, and dedication, I am excited to announce that we are now live with the brand new website design for NoSkill!

To make your experience on the site better than ever, we have given the site a fresh reboot that allows you to enjoy the site in a new way. The site uses a theme that was developed internally for NoSkill codenamed “Pure 7”.

Pure 7 is by no means the final product and we will continue to tweak it, and bring new features to it as we grow and slowly step into 2018.

Let’s take a look at the new website now and see what has changed, shall we? ?

Please note that the screenshots in this post were taken from the testing server and therefore, the content you see in them may not match the content on


From the beginning, the site was imagined with a minimalistic, clean, and responsive design. And that’s exactly what was done! Starting off, we have a brand new and clean menu bar that’s the home to navigation through different categories and pages. Depending on your screen size, the menu bar will automatically adjust to one of the two pre-made sizes to match your device.

Pure 7 features a full-width news slider at the top that features community news, as well as posts and other types of content. The slider is fluid and responsive and you can even swipe between slides with your finger on a touch-enabled device! We know that space is limited on mobile devices, so we made sure to use every pixel on the screen to its fullest potential. The news slider on a mobile device will put the content more together by using featured images as the background and the caption as a foreground element. By using gestures to control the slider, we eliminated the need for buttons which saved up quite a bit of space.

Right under the slider, we have the “Latest Update” box. I mentioned earlier that we wanted a clean and a minimalistic site, and having all post right at your face, isn’t very clean. To remove the clutter, the home page only shows a preview of the latest post, with the option to either continue reading it or go to a separate page that contains all posts. *CLUTTER ALERT!* ?

On the right side of the “Latest Update” box, we have a sidebar. The sidebar contains a search bar and a widget for our Discord server. The sidebar on a mobile view is disabled. We don’t see a reason to have a separate page for just two widgets, so to clean it up, we moved the search bar up to the menu bar. As for the Discord widget, it’s disabled (for now) to improve performance and load time.


Up next, tournaments!… or past ones anyway. Past Tournament slider is a quick way to show tournaments we have hosted. The slider is built with the same core, so that means that it supports gestures too! Just swipe away! Once again, this doesn’t show all the content, so if you want to look into more information about a specific tournament, you can hover over it to reveal the details pane, and for even MORE INFO… you can click the “Learn more” button to go to the tournament’s page to see things like rules and the run time.


The last bit of home page design I want to cover is the “Join Our Community” banner. If you’re reading this post after going through the site a little bit, you will notice that this banner is pretty much everywhere. We want to encourage everyone to join the NoSkill Community with a simple join page that covers everything about us. You can also view the leaderboard to see who’s the top chatter on our server, too. Join now and who knows, maybe you will be on top of that list one day! 🙂



The reading experience is just as important as writing the posts to read. The post page focuses on the post’s content without ads or and any other non-related elements distracting you from reading, that includes the slider at the top which is replaced with a featured image banner for the said post instead. It’s much easier to read posts now with a clean, and high-contrast design. We also have something big coming up in this area and we will share more once the time is right.


Once you finish reading a post, underneath it, you have the post’s metadata and a discussion tab. While we don’t support commenting on our site, we have three website tiles where you can chat with us about the post’s topic. (Reddit, Discord, and our Server).



Searching for a post with a keyword or by categories is now even easier. If you forgot the title of the post and you can’t remember it by the featured image, we now have a quick look under each result to show you what the post is about with a featured image on the left side.



Let’s not forget about our fellow tournaments! We have cleaned them up a little bit, too. Tournaments page is now split up into two categories – Upcoming Tournaments and Past Tournaments. Each category will now show exactly what you’re looking for. We no longer have a separate post for each tournament update. Announcement, rules, and winners were published as three different posts for each tournament and that did get messy over time as we increasingly hosted more tournaments. Now, every one of them has their own page that holds all the info, from the run date to rules, contestants, and winners. Those pages will get updated with info as the tournaments progress and eventually end. No more need for 3 posts to show all info… that’s so yesterday 🙂


There is so much more to cover but let’s stop here so we don’t end up writing a whole book about it. On behalf of the entire NoSkill Community, thank you for your support and for making NoSkill a great place it is today. Pure 7 is off to a good start and we can’t wait for you guys to see what’s in store for the NoSkill in the future!

It’s gonna be one hell of a ride… as they say…

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