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This build of Pure 7 is for internal testing purposes only.


In this guide you will have to edit vmt, vtf, gnut files and use different software to convert them. I would recommend you use Atom  to edit text / .gnut files but any other software such as Notepad++, Sublime text, Vim and many other ones would work fine.
Thoose software would be needed in this guide VTFEdit, VTFVer and also a software to edit graphics files, I personnally use Photoshop &

I won’t explain in this guide how to install and use thoose software, check our friend Google for that there is great guide for them.

This guide will be updated soon as I get new information about what’s possible around colors. You can check our NoSkill Discord server where I leave update notification each time I add content.

This Discord server is not a support server to vpk modding (same for private message huh ?). If you follow the guide correctly that would work.

Unpacking / repacking

For the unpacking and repacking steps in vpk modding, refer to this post about cross hair modding. The modification needed for heat colors is located in the same vpk file.


Here are some videos to show you the end result.

Weapon heat color


Vortex shield


To make modding easier I would recommand you to use the tool VTFVer, select your extracted folder and convert all. You will safe a lot of time.

Weapon heat color




Vortex shield





Extra information



  • Sword block
  • Ion splitter rifle
  • Thermite
  • Muzzle flash
  • Titan explosion
  • Legion power shot heat
  • Much more.. Lazy to make the full list


You do know something around modding but is not on our guide ? You can join our Discord server and mention me !
Is also possible to message me for correcting stuff in our post, that’s always welcome !

Special thanks

I hope this guide will give more lifetime to the game for some players, I really love this game.
I would like to give a special thanks to:
Norkkom for giving me some nice information & advice
Exrill for giving me some nice information
Noobie for testing stuff for me
Grimmers for correcting my English in this post

Posted by: Wanty
Tags: Titanfall 2 - Modding

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