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First up:

This guide requires you to know the very basics of Titanfalls mechanics, moving fast isn’t easy for everyone, mastering these techniques might take more than less practice.

Air Strafing:

Air-strafing is a basic technique to change change direction while airborne, also it is one of the easiest way to gain movement speed. Pulling off an air-strafe is quite easy, holding your right movement button while moving your mouse to the same direction will bend your movement path in this direction, same technique for strafing leftways. The speed at which you move your mouse is the most relevant thing here, move too fast  will make you loose speed, moving it too slow is inefficient and will accelerate you less. Using stim while performing an air-strafe will accelerate you even faster and can speed you over long ranges. Air-strafing is very popular when ejecting, due to the long in-air time you can reach speeds twice or tripple the speed of zip-lining. Keep in mind to let go of your foreward movement button while performing air strafe, it will not grant as much speed as without holding foreward movement down.

Strafing backwards:

Air strafing backwards uses the same direction as the conventional air-strafe, you just have to use the opposite movement direction of your mouse to the button you’re holding. This grants you view of the battlefield and can give you opprotunities for fancy goosers while airborne.

Wall running:

Wallruns are the most convienient way to start off a parkour route, when starting a wall run you gain the maximum speed in about 0.5 to 1 second, running for a longer period of time on the same wall will slow you down until you finally detach automaticly. When jumping between several walls you should just tap on the following walls, as soon as you are starting the wallrun you jump off again, this keeps your momentum up very consistently and grants the highest speed. Tapping off from the lower end of a wall gives a slight speedboost but is hard to hit and you might not attach to the wall and fall down instead. Running to the end of a wall mostly makes you lose all your momentum, make sure to jump off before the wall is ending. Wall running is pretty much the only time you have to keep holding your foreward movement button.

Combining Wall runs with air strafe:

To bend around corners and get wall runs in a 90° angle you can combine air strafing with wall runs, as soon as you jump off a wall you start the strafe in the direction you’re looking to go. keep in mind that air strafing without holding foreward is better than holding it down. This method needs some practice until you get used to letting go of foreward, but you’ll be able to parkour through fancy routes and change directions without loosing any speed.


Bunny-hopping is a simple but hard-to-master technique to keep your movement speed up while you dont have walls to wallrun or ziplines to speed over the map. Starting off a bunny-hop chain is mostly done by wallrunning, eject air-strafeing or detaching from a zipline. As soon as you hit the ground you jump again, by doing so you barely loose any speed, the less time you spend on the ground the longer you can keep up a bunny-hop chain. Using your second jump with your jumpkit is not worse than only bunny-hopping with your normal jump, especially for newcomers to bunny-hopping should use their second jump when passing long distances with bunny-hopping. Double jumping moves you into a very predictable movement pattern, avoid double jumping when getting shot at or being about to be shot at, always have your second jump on back-up in these cases to make a sudden move to the side, being un-predictable is half the deal here. Bunny-hopping itself needs a lot of practice and can be really inefficient when not hitting the exact timing, for learning bunny-hopping I’d advice you to use the wingman, it is a really small weapon and gives you more room to see the ground in front of you, its crosshair is a circle with a dot in the middle, while airbore the circle opens up and it closes when you hit the ground again, as soon as the circle starts to shrink you should jump again, when getting the perfect timing you won’t see the circle shrink at all, this is the point where you basicly loose no speed on each hop. Holding foreward while bunny-hopping makes you lose speed more quickly, whereas it pretty much doesn’t hinder you if your bunny-hops are perfect all the way, which is near unpossible when having to jump off the ground more than four times in a row.

Combining Bunny-hopping with air strafe:

Holding your right-movement button while slowly moving your mouse to the right during a bunnyhop chain can curve you around corners and makes you controll the direction of your chain, same for left direction. Very essential for this is to let go of your foreward movement button, holding it down while jumping and holding any sidewards movement button will make you jump in to the side and loose all your momentum.


Climbing up buildings is essential to reach some rooftops, going up 90° walls from outside is sometimes really hard. To archieve these climbs you have to look in the direction of the wall adjoined by the wall you just jumped off, the timing of your second jump is essential here, jumping too late wont get you close enough to the wall you’re trying to wall run on.

Everything together:

Combining all these methods together allows you to cross maps inhigh speed and while being a hard target to hit. Mastering these techniques is what makes a decent CTF flagrunner a master at running!


  • small weapons increase your movement speed by roughly 5%
  • Increased field of view makes your movement look faster, it will not benefit your real speed though
  • Perfect wallrun chains started with stim are barely faster than perfect chains without stim

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